Melissa Siegel is the creative force behind behave brand apparel, a small independent children’s clothing line based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Melissa has 2 daughters- “My girls are my daily inspiration, and the inspiration behind behave brand apparel.  I love to create beautiful things – knit, crochet or embellished.  Watch as my business behave brand apparel grows along with my kids.”

Please email to order a custom tank or tee. 

Wholesale inquires are always welcome.


behave (v.)  pronunciation: bi-‘hAv  1) to act, function, or react in a particular way 2) to conduct oneself properly.     antonym: misbehave.

What is in a name?  Entrepreneur magazine has a great article on naming your business.  It’s not so easy to come up with a company name that is 1) easily pronounced 2) memorable & 3) isn’t already taken.  It took weeks of brainstorming with friends and family.  I thought of favorite colors, flowers, animals, and nicknames.  My husband thought of a great name, Cutie Patootie, but it’s already in use. My mother-in-law thought up Sprinkles (see the fancy fringe on the bottoms of my shirts) but it was trademarked.  Polkadot Pixie and Pink Pistachio were possibilities.  Then it finally came to me, behave!  I had been asking my two girls to behave a lot lately (something about the summer and all that free time).  It just fit.


One Response to “About”

  1. Julie Koenig Says:

    TOO CUTE! I loved all the photos and the name is so perfect. I am sure you will sell lots! do you make onesies/ Makes a great baby shower gift with the crochet shoes.

    Best of luck!
    PS I love the pink and green colors

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