I’ve had to postpone the launch of behave brand apparel to local shops until Monday, July 9th.  I’m still recovering from wrist surgery.  I thought Monday, July 9th would be a great launch date – it’s my birthday!!  I’m finishing up my custom order and affixing the behave labels to my working samples.  I’ll post pictures of all the tanks and a close up of the labels on Thursday.  They are so cute! 

After much deliberation they will be going on the back of the shirts, at the bottom by the fringe.  The labels were custom made from a fellow etsyer. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July.


I thought I might point out a few of my favorite indie websites.  The links are all listed on the right.  Check them out, I continually add more.  But first…..What is indie?

“According to the dictionary, ‘indie’ is an informal version of the word independent.  Although this definition is accurate, the word has come to mean more.  It has come to symbolize originality and forward-thinking, especially in music and design.  By our definition, indie is any business or designer that is not associated with a large company.  Indie can also define the indie shopper, who chooses to support small business rather than big-box stores.”  Craft Revolution

Hope you enjoy all the creativity. 

Remember big dreams start small.  M.

I thought I’d post some pictures of my short sleeve tee sample.  This is one I made for my daughter E.  I’ll be using American Apparel tees – choose from white, pink, blue, or lavender.  behave brand apparel official launch is July 2nd, 2007.

These tees are machine washable and line dry.  The turquoise yarn on this one just gets better after it’s been washed. 

Here is a closeup of the heart applique.  I’ve been thinking about the appliques…….heart, star, swirl, flower.  Any other suggestions?  Leave me a comment – tell me what you’d like to see.

behave (v.)  pronunciation: bi-‘hAv  1) to act, function, or react in a particular way 2) to conduct oneself properly.     antonym: misbehave.

What is in a name?  Entrepreneur magazine has a great article on naming your business.  It’s not so easy to come up with a company name that is 1) easily pronounced 2) memorable & 3) isn’t already taken.  It took weeks of brainstorming with friends and family.  I thought of favorite colors, flowers, animals, and nicknames.  My husband thought of a great name, Cutie Patootie, but it’s already in use.  Sprinkles was trademarked.  Polkadot Pixie and Pink Pistachio were possibilities.  Then it finally came to me, behave!  I had been asking my two girls to behave a lot lately (something about the summer and all that free time).  It just fit.

I’m eagerly awaiting my clothing labels (ordered from etsy) so I can complete my first custom order of tank tops.  I’ll post pictures soon.